welcome to our new blogsite

our homegrown, handcrafted website and blog served us well for years. but, it is time to make a change. after months of blood, sweat, and (almost) tears, our brand-spankin’ new blog-site is live and ready for the world to see. we couldn’t have done it without the marvelous efforts and never-ending patience of lindsay landis & taylor hackbarth of purr design. from initial concept to final tweaking, they were friendly and super easy to work with. they were one step ahead of us during the entire design process and were able to resolve many little obstacles before we even knew about them. we would recommend lindsay and taylor to anyone who is looking to revamp or create a unique website.

here are some things to notice when exploring the new site for the first time:

+ quick-loading images with 925 pixel-width goodness

+ a homepage with the same awesome blog posts, only a little bit bigger, a little bit better

+ simple navigation with one-click access to galleries — no confusing navigation!

+ search for your favorite posts and images with a quick and easy search tool

+ updated galleries that show our most recent fresh, modern, and fun photos

we can’t wait to hear from our most faithful blog-stalkers . . . let us know what you think!


p.s. the old kern-photo blog didn’t disappear into the abyss of cyberspace . . . it is still alive and can be view here: www.kern-photo.com/blog

3 Responses to “welcome to our new blogsite”

  1. R — July 15, 2009 @ 9:25 pm (#)

    I love the new site! So glad it’s finally up and running. I really like the transparent logo on the images. One thing I miss is your beginning post about each event before the photos start.

  2. Andrew Schaefer — July 17, 2009 @ 4:05 am (#)

    Great new site RJ, I really like it. And of course the images are awesome as always.

  3. Kevin Von Qualen — July 20, 2009 @ 9:25 pm (#)

    hey man, your lots o’ time and hard work paid off…great job 🙂 just spent a while going thru the whole thing and I’m digging it.

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