101 photo goals in 1,001 days (update)

With everyone talking about New Year’s resolutions (which I’m not a fan of), I was reminded about my 101 photo goals in 1,001 days, which is more of a methodical, timely approach for obtaining goals. 57 goals completed and I’m over half way there but still have my work to do before Sunday, August 8, 2010. Where possible, I’ve included a link for “proof” using photos and such. Here’s the updated list (lower case text used since that was used when originally created):

101 photo goals in 1,001 days
by R. J. Kern, originally posted on November 11, 2007 [updated on 1.01.10]

1. photograph my wife in her wedding dress [12.30.07, proof]
2. book 101 referrals
3. exhibit in the cherry creek arts festival
4. shoot a celebrity wedding
5. complete our wedding album [12.15.08]
6. shoot landscapes with ken rockwell
7. get an image published in a magazine [11/01/09, proof]
8. get placed on three preferred wedding vendor lists (3/3)
9. photograph ten national parks i’ve never been to (10/10)
10. blog everyday for a month three times (1/3)
11. photograph all 12 original chrysler 300 letter cars and create a calendar (11/12)
12. lightpaint a car [03.09.08, proof]
13. get to know the work of 25 dead photographers [02.09.09]
14. get to know the work of 50 active photographers [02.09.09]

15. present at a pictage user group meeting [03.06.08, proof]
16. photograph my brother’s wedding with my wife [12.29.07, proof]
17. invest 30% of our business income [07.29.09]
18. donate 20% of total income in the way of a services-in-kind to a charity
19. launch a fine art project website
20. finish my seed pod personal project
21. read one book per month for six months to benefit our photo business (6/6)
22. give away the books to benefit someone else (6/6)
23. second shoot at a wedding for someone i admire [08.08.08,
24. resist the urge to buy some expensive camera equipment and do something important with the money instead [08.01.09]

25. shoot with a nikon 200mm f/2g if-ed af-s vr lens [10.29.2009, proof]
26. shoot with a nikon 400mm f/2.8g if-ed, af-s vr zoom-nikkor lens [12.07.07,
27. purchase nikon 85mm f/1.4 if af lens, one of nikon’s finest lenses and a bokeh champ [11.19.07, proof]
28. take at least one new business workshop from score in denver
29. have coffee with someone business-related i don’t know very well once a month for six months (6/6)
30. become involved in a toastmasters group in denver
31. launch portrait photography website
32. learn to make pie from my wife then photograph the result and see if you can tell the difference
33. grow our business by 200% each year (2/3)
34. shoot a medium format camera [02.19.08]
35. teach a photography class (x2) [01.24.08, 02.21.08, proof]
36. write and produce at 3 tutorial articles to help other photographers (3/3)
37. create a signature marketing piece [02.19.08,
38. print and mail signature marketing piece [03.01.08,
39. write a piece for a magazine, paper, or journal
40. give another vendor a complete wedding album for free (x2) [12.20.07]
41. photograph muscian(s) for album cover art
42. photograph u2 in concert
43. build our portrait photography business by doing two location shoots per month for six months in a row (12/12)
44. go on an african photo safari
45. photograph sashi & alex
46. get a studio
47. shoot a wedding at our church, the cathedral basilica of the immaculate conception
48. do something creativity different on each shoot
49. build a photo resources portion of our website [03.07.08, proof]
50. build a bridal resources portion of our website [03.07.08,
51. send out birthday cards to all clients
52. learn to whistle with two fingers (rounding up those huge groups)
53. become a nikon pro
54. photograph a denver broncos game (with sideline credentials)
55. photograph at least one of every major professional denver sports team (with sideline credentials)
56. shoot 100,001 shutter actuations from my d-200/300/700
57. shoot 300,000 photos

58. photograph a u.s. president
59. learn a different style of photography [03.03.08, proof]
60. create a series of custom photoshop actions [03.04.08]

61. learn to use a large format camera
62. make a book of personal travel & art photos
63. make a book of just dash photos
64. win the lindsay designs photo contest 3 years in a row (2/3)
65. host an osp trash the dress session with other photographers [5.16.09, proof]
66. take an advanced studio lighting class [10.16.08,
67. become involved in a professional photographic organization [9.07.09, proof]
68. post three tutorial videos on cutframe aimed at helping other wedding photographers
69. complete a personal abc project (60% completed)
70. speak at partner con
71. shoot production stills for a major motion picture
72. go to the annual wppi conference
73. enter a photo in wppi print competition
74. win a photo wppi award
75. attend partner con and bring a few friends [11.22.08, proof]
76. donate a wedding package in which 100% of proceeds would benefit a charity [11.22.08, proof]
77. get an image published in
patagonia catalog78. shoot a portrait with a soft box [02.13.08, proof]
79. figure out how
jessica claire makes her images look so freakin’ good [02.15.08]
80. get in touch with at least two early art mentors (2/2) [07.15.09]
81. shoot with a ringflash [02.15.08, proof]
82. volunteer for a week in a foreign country [03.18.09]
83. take a vacation and not bring a camera [01.18.08]
84. travel to a new place with one prime lens and no flash [01.22.08,
85. shoot a destination wedding [12.27.07,
86. encourage or mentor an upcoming photographer [02.20.08]

87. meet wedding photography heroes mike colon, david jay, [b]ecker, joe bussink, jessica claire, john michael cooper, jeff newsom, susan stripling, anna kuperberg, david beckstead, and nate & jaclyn kaiser (9/11)
88. shoot a wedding in 3 new countries
89. shoot a wedding on another continent
90. form three new partnerships with another company [04.10.09]
91. help another vendor book a referral event [02.10.08]
92. inspire someone to pick up photography as a hobby [01.06.08]
93. inspire a fellow photographer to blog [12.09.08,
94. become a member of the international society for wedding photographers [9.07.09, proof]
95. become a member of the
artistic guild of the wedding photojournalist association [7.07.09, proof]
96. win a top 5 award in a international wedding photography contest [11.25.09,
97. develop a few exposed rolls of b&w film that have been sitting in my desk drawer for years [03.03.08]

98. be listed as one of the top photographers in a wedding association
99. qualify as one of the top 10 artistic photojournalists in the world
100. refer a wedding to a new photographer [02.24.08]
101. finish, post, and share this list [11.11.07,

4 Responses to “101 photo goals in 1,001 days (update)”

  1. Stephanie Osborne — January 2, 2010 @ 3:10 pm (#)

    What an awesome list R.J.! Looks like you guys are checking things off like crazy. Would you mind if I made my own list based on this same concept. Such a great idea…

  2. R. J. — January 2, 2010 @ 6:03 pm (#)

    Anyone is welcome to create their own 1,001 goals in 101 days. In fact, there is a website set up for those who wish to share their goals: http://101goalsin1001days.com/

    There are also several photographers (Melissa Jill and Paige Elizabeth) who have a similiar thing going on… so have at it!

  3. Jessica Conroy — November 11, 2010 @ 10:38 pm (#)

    RJ this is very inspiring. I can’t wait to create my list! Love it!

  4. Fikriye — December 4, 2015 @ 2:08 am (#)

    Dianna Lopez – LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Maria is a good friend of mine and you rlelay captured her in way I’ve never seen. She is so stunning. Awesome work!!November 17, 2010 11:45 pm

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