brag-worthy wedding albums

When it is all said an done, your wedding album is the final presentation of the art and story we document on your wedding day; it is the lasting toke of your special day that will be passed down from generation to generation.

My contemporary flush-mount albums flood your photos from edge to edge for a truly stunning visual effect. This process allows for dramatic full page bleeds and double page spreads, as well as a thinner and more streamlined album size due to the lack of bulk from mats used in traditional albums. All of my albums are custom designed from scratch in our fresh and modern style, showcasing your images at their very best.

I offer two options for shapes (square or rectangle) and two options for sizes (medium or large). I like to keep things simple with a clean design averaging 2-3 images per spread (one spread is 2 pages). Most clients opt for the optional metallic paper upgrade, which adds an iridescent sheen to the images, adding depth and impact. You have to see it to fully appreciate it .wpid-RJK_7145-2010-11-1-09-54.jpgwpid-RJK_7219-2010-11-1-09-54.jpgwpid-RJK_7220-2010-11-1-09-54.jpgwpid-RJK_7224-2010-11-1-09-54.jpgAll my albums are hand crafted in Italy and feature an international patent binding that does not crease the spine.I like simple, clean designs to fully emphasize the photography, in not a high-school-yearbook kinda way.wpid-RJK_7236-2010-11-1-09-54.jpgGone are the days of your grandmother’s matted wedding albums, as they are very fragile. You don’t want to have to wear white linen gloves every time you look at these album, which is why I laminate the pages so if there is a spill, it cleans easily. Whew.wpid-RJK_7239-2010-11-1-09-54.jpgOnce you decide on your final primary design, clone albums for parents make for great keepsakes and brag books, available in a variety of sizes, including the super cute 2” x 2” sized album.wpid-RJK_7249-2010-11-1-09-54.jpg

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  3. Julianna Rennard — April 8, 2013 @ 6:00 pm (#)

    Just thought I would send you some blog love and let you know that because of this post I switched album companies and shared the love with everyone i’m in contact with about graphi studio.

  4. Julianna Rennard — April 8, 2013 @ 6:22 pm (#)

    Who is your rep. Mine is Kari and I’ve already sent her around 3 but today I posted a blog about my (our) album company and I’m now sending her 7 more that sent me emails and are interested in switching too. R.J. if you don’t already know this I must simply say I’m so inspired by your work. I use to live in Breckenridge when I discovered your blog. I bought a Nikon F100 and Mamiya 645 80 1.9 because you. I bided but lost on a Phase one on ebay a year ago. I attempted to teach myself light painting. I’m not a believer in coping one’s style but to find one that inspires you to push yourself to do better that is who you are for me.

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