shooting cactus while not running out of gas

Meet Mr. Terminator’s left leg, blown out:
wpid-the_terminator_bones-2010-12-6-20-521.jpg Saguaro cactus personify humans like no other plant I know. They stand like soldiers, hug like families, pose like ballerinas, and mope like grumpy old men. They are larger than life to stand next to, a humbling reminder of how life can grow in the most extreme conditions, inch by inch, and last for centuries.

This week I’ll be tramping around Arizona seeking out the state’s finest examples of human relevance via cactus portraiture. All the while wrapping up a three year personal project of shooting cactus like stunning models, or candid grandpas weeping in the pew. I’ll be shooting with strobes with my Nikon along with my new Mamiya 6×7 film camera and relishing solitude which lingers post-sunset. My hot little Mini Cooper rental has treated me very well. Got that puppy up to speeds on a straightaway that would make a Corvette blush (dare I say 121mph?). And then I almost ran out of gas. Welcome to my life. I couldn’t be happier.

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