PHOTO: 3D Lightpainting by fireglow in Big Sur, CA. Dunno how it looks that way, but it looks 3D in 2D.

For the next few weeks, things will be fun nutso. Shooting a wedding tomorrow at a new wedding venue, Della Terra Mountain Chateau, then jetset to Greece for some R&R before embarking on the wedding experience of a lifetime in Santorini, Greece. Then Beirut. And Lower Brule Sioux, SD shortly thereafter. I know: Nutso.

Brides and peeps… I will be taking a slight technology diet with travel, so bear with me in returning phone calls, emails, letters, text messages, and love notes sent by a lost passenger pigeons. Although I will make that call to National Geographic if that pigeon shows up on my doorstep. Peace out, especially to those who stockpile those yellow border magazines!

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