The Harper Family!

Rocks, locks, sticks, stones, keys and birds catch the eye of this little two year old. Thank you Jim Harper for your friendship and effort in creating my first promo video! I enjoyed spending time with your beautiful family!wpid-harper_family_portait_denver_wash_park_01-2011-08-6-14-45.jpgwpid-harper_family_portait_denver_wash_park_02-2011-08-6-14-45.jpg While I do not show to many ‘smile pretty for the camera’ photos on my blog, I couldn’t resist showcasing this natural little fisherman in his youth:wpid-harper_family_portait_denver_wash_park_03-2011-08-6-14-45.jpgwpid-harper_family_portait_denver_wash_park_04-2011-08-6-14-45.jpgwpid-harper_family_portait_denver_wash_park_05-2011-08-6-14-45.jpg
It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a bunch of birds (Superman will be coming in the not too distant future along with trucks, planes, and explosions):wpid-harper_family_portait_denver_wash_park_06-2011-08-6-14-45.jpgwpid-harper_family_portait_denver_wash_park_07-2011-08-6-14-45.jpgwpid-harper_family_portait_denver_wash_park_08-2011-08-6-14-45.jpgwpid-harper_family_portait_denver_wash_park_09-2011-08-6-14-45.jpgwpid-harper_family_portait_denver_wash_park_10-2011-08-6-14-45.jpgwpid-harper_family_portait_denver_wash_park_11-2011-08-6-14-45.jpgwpid-harper_family_portait_denver_wash_park_12-2011-08-6-14-45.jpgThis ‘G’ is about ready to pop a cap up in here: wpid-harper_family_portait_denver_wash_park_13-2011-08-6-14-45.jpgEquipment used to create these family portraits in Wash Park (Denver, CO): Nikon D-700 with 24mm f/1.4, 85mm 1.4, and 60mm macro.

2 Responses to “The Harper Family!”

  1. Photographer Pittsburgh — August 7, 2011 @ 1:08 am (#)

    Beautiful portrait lifestyle work, I just love the shot of all three of them. You did a great job capturing the close family bond that they have.
    Shaun David

  2. Brooke Summer Photography — August 26, 2011 @ 9:52 am (#)

    Oh my gosh his expressions are hilarious! I love the serious one, like whatchu talkin’ bout? 😉

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