The Hit List: 32 Photo Tips & Tutorials from 2011

(Free learning + light painting + tech tutorials – rules + sharing + geek fun x RJ) x 23 = THE kern-photo 2011 post.

I love to share as much as I like to create, and is this holiday season of giving, I share with you my 32 Photo Tech blog posts from 2011, which I hope inspires, encourages, and motivates you into 2012.

Grab your notebook! (quick read: 5 minutes; complete digestion: 30 minutes)

1. Learn the Art of the Sandwich Method from this portrait session of a favorite couple from the movie, “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”:wpid-the_sandwhich_method-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg 2. Learn three secret ingredients to make an award-winning image through conquering fear:wpid-ISPWP_2010_winter_winner-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg3. See how one light can make all the difference:wpid-single_flash_portrait_sesion-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg

4. Understand changes in style and technology of wedding photography and how light painting is gaining acceptance:wpid-shutterbug_magazine_march_2011_004-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg5. Practice the art of posing: improv style… and how to make a image pop with 3D charm with complete specs.wpid-step_afrika_group-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg6. Watch behind the scenes footage of a vintage shoot, sans strobes or flashes, just hot lights.wpid-mad_men_inspired-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg7. See how I ‘copied’ Norman Rockwell’s work to create a favorite composite image of the year.wpid-photo_booth_lighting_diagram_rjkern-2011-12-21-00-01.jpgwpid-gossip-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg8. Read my 2c on Elevate Workshop, on of the best workshops for the advanced wedding photographer around.wpid-elevate_workshop_ace_hotel_13-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg9. Read my review of the Power of Passion Photography Tour with Sandy Puc’ and Jerry Ghionis:wpid-power_or_passion_denver-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg 10. If you can’t beat them, make a statement. My tips on how to beat your competition.wpid-San_Francisco_graffitti-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg11. Flash-Bus Tour Highlights (couldn’t help showing off this shot!):wpid-flashbus_tour_detention-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg12. Learn how to light paint as I reveal my lightpainting secrets.wpid-denver_science_museum_wedding_10-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg13. Understand how building SEO love isn’t that much different than dating.wpid-goose-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg14. Why this image sucks and the lessons I learned from an artist fail!15. See how shooting cactus compliments personal work.wpid-cactus_portraits_07-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg16. How to Lightpaint in an Alaskan goldmine, during the day and night:wpid-how_to_light_for_SFME-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg17. How to fix a Nikon D700… for free (using SageMax}:wpid-nikon_d700_fixed_by_sagemax-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg18. Focus on the quality of what is NOT in focus.wpid-unfocus_greece_9-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg19. Simple LED light portrait tutorial shared here:wpid-sean_LED_light_portrait_2-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg20. How this painter inspired one of my favorite images:wpid-Christoforos_Asimis_painter_Phenomeno-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg

wpid-wedding_photo_AghiosArtemios-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg21. How to make the best of a 5-minute portrait session with a mini-tutorial:wpid-Jean_Pierre_Uys_wedding_photographer_2-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg22. Workshop highlights from Free to Create:wpid-free_to_create_wedding_photogray_workshop_10-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg23. Learn the 3 P’s for posing couples:wpid-RJ2_4714-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg24. Compare, if you dare, the Nikon 14-24 vs 24 f/1.4 vs 24-70 f/2.8.wpid-PastedGraphic-2011-12-21-00-01.tiff25. Read my steps on Going Pro, Part 1: Take the Big Stepwpid-kern-photo_minneapolis_wedding_photographer-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg26. Learn how to choose a wedding photography workshop:wpid-elevate-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg27. See a geek-out explanation of what makes this image tick {for me}:wpid-kern-photo_explain_ages-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg28. Photographers shooting film… these days it’s the new black. However, here’s my interview with an expert on shooting Super 8 Film, Kevin Von Qualen.wpid-polaroids1-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg29. Learn tips on staging foregrounds for effects like this:wpid-using_color_bokeh_foreground_2a-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg30. See how this homemade soft box….wpid-how_to_make_softbox-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg

… helped to make this:wpid-helicopter_smokey_mountains_14-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg31. Understand how these ingredients:wpid-using_hard_light_portrait-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg… made this awesome engagement portrait in Raleigh, North Carolina:wpid-megan_carlos_engagement_17-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg32. View a side-by-side comparison of shooting Nikon F100 on film and a digital Nikon D700:wpid-dirkes_family_portraits_bw_film4-2011-12-21-00-01.jpg

Happy Reading!!! If you’ve enjoyed the inspiration and reading, please drop a comment below. I love hearing from my readers, which makes all the 1am blogging worth it! Blog comments make my day!

5 Responses to “The Hit List: 32 Photo Tips & Tutorials from 2011”

  1. Stacy Hilton — December 21, 2011 @ 11:56 am (#)

    YAY i saw me! Thank you for including my pics in your post. I still think that was one of the funnest days ever. Thank you for everything 🙂

  2. Danca — December 21, 2011 @ 2:07 pm (#)


    THANK YOU FOR SHARE 🙂 and plis continue sharing whit us

    MERRY CHRISTMAS , and happy new year 🙂

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