ISPWP Contest | Winter 2011 Results

Super stoked that an image from Amy & Sean’s wedding in Greece placed in the latest International Society for Wedding Photography contest! This photography organization represents some of the best wedding photographers in the world. My work has won 19 international awards from this organization.

Not only it is an honor to place in an contests, but to just be invited into the organization requires an application process on par with applying to grad school, along with references from members. This is the Top Gun of wedding photography.

I’m astounded by the quality of the Top 5 award winners, including Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World Ben Chrisman, Erin Chrisman and Ed Artero, new friends I enjoyed hanging with in New Orleans at the Foundation Conference last November. And I was super stoked that my Buddy, Jos Smith, beat me in the Venue/Location category. The industry is getting better and better and each of these winning images could hang in an art gallery.

12th Place | Venue/Location wpid-rjkern_ispwp_winter_2012_014-2012-03-6-16-30.jpg

Honest image critiques keeping photojournalism skills sharpened and I offer this simple advice:

*** As with any skill, we are either getting better or worse. There’s no such thing as hitting a plateau. ***

While I enjoy reading positive blog comments about my work, I also savor a solid critique to improve. So if you’d like to toss in your 2c, I would love to hear your thoughts!

1. Wedding Details:

2. Framing the Subject:

3. Wedding Details: wpid-rjkern_ispwp_winter_2012_017-2012-03-6-16-30.jpg

4. Ceremony: wpid-rjkern_ispwp_winter_2012_018-2012-03-6-16-30.jpg

5. Kids will be Kids: wpid-rjkern_ispwp_winter_2012_019-2012-03-6-16-30.jpg

6. Emotional Impact: wpid-rjkern_ispwp_winter_2012_020-2012-03-6-16-30.jpg

7. Emotional Impact: wpid-rjkern_ispwp_winter_2012_021-2012-03-6-16-30.jpg

8. All about Light: wpid-rjkern_ispwp_winter_2012_022-2012-03-6-16-30.jpg

9. Wedding Details: wpid-rjkern_ispwp_winter_2012_023-2012-03-6-16-30.jpg

10. All about Light: wpid-rjkern_ispwp_winter_2012_024-2012-03-6-16-30.jpg

11. Pure Art: wpid-rjkern_ispwp_winter_2012_025-2012-03-6-16-30.jpg

12. Movement and Motion: wpid-rjkern_ispwp_winter_2012_026-2012-03-6-16-30.jpg

13. Bride and Groom: wpid-rjkern_ispwp_winter_2012_027-2012-03-6-16-30.jpg

14. Bride Portrait: wpid-rjkern_ispwp_winter_2012_028-2012-03-6-16-30.jpg

15. Pure Art: wpid-rjkern_ispwp_winter_2012_029-2012-03-6-16-30.jpg

PS- Are you a wedding photographer interested in ISPWP membership and require a reference? If so, give me a call and I’d enjoy hearing from you (303) 474-0983.

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  1. Mark Hayes — April 15, 2012 @ 6:32 pm (#)

    Wonderful stuff RJ, have to admit image 6 just really takes my breath away – there is so much emotional impact there.

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