Where to buy photo gear?

It’s easy to focus on which gear to buy. But how much thought do you give about where you buy your gear?wpid-phaseone-iq-140-2012-08-16-22-30.jpg

In this video I share 10 things you should consider when choosing a camera dealer. I share my personal experiences with Capture Integration, my chosen dealer when it comes medium format gear (and they didn’t pay me to say share this).  Dave Gallagher runs a tight ship, and it’s great to sail on!

Ten Things to expect, no matter what :

10. Prompt communication. Do they answer their phones? Respond to email quickly and professionally?

9.  Quick-shipping. Are packing up my order moments after my order is placed?

8.  Understand needs. Will they sell you something you don’t need?

7.  Demo testing. Do they allow you to try before you buy? Renting gear is a wonderful option, but there’s an added bonus if they’ll credit the rental towards your purchase price.

6.  Technical knowledge. Do they really know their stuff? Do you have to whip out your credit card after dialing several phone prompts to talk with a helpful person?

5.  Value. Sure, it’s easy to focus on price. But is that the most important, especially after the product is in your hands?

4.  Over-deliver. Do they offer nice little things along the way that show quality and attention to detail?

3.  Business consulting. Are they there for me when it comes more to business-related questions, industry contacts, or special deals?

2.  Service. Are they providing service with a smile above just a price tag?

1.  Trust. Do you really trust them? This matters most.

In the end, the relationship should look something like this (featuring Bella & Rachel Olsen):wpid-dog-portraits-on-white-seamless-2-2012-08-16-22-30.jpg

While Willy could care less about camera dealer mumbo jumbo, you should.

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