The Chen Family

I’ve followed Brian and Sunny from East Coast to West Coast. And have learned good things comes in Threes.

First, there was this:
wpid-brian-sunny-01-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgwpid-brian-sunny-02-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgwpid-brian-sunny-03-2012-10-16-20-15.jpg Then this:
Fast forward a few years, now this:
wpid-brian-sunny-07-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgLittle 6 m.o. Katelyn makes the trio. The one consistency: LOVE.

So fun to return my old stomping grounds of Tacoma, Washington to photograph this cute couple in love. Over the years, we made portfolio images. We won a few accolades. Clients from all over the world hired me in part from seeing their faces in my portfolio. And now I return the favor.

Thank you Brian, Sunny, and Katelyn for allowing me to explore my creative style and for being such a beautiful family to photograph!

Here are a few from our mini-family portrait session :
wpid-brian-sunny-family01-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgwpid-brian-sunny-family02-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgwpid-brian-sunny-family03-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgwpid-brian-sunny-family04-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgwpid-brian-sunny-family05-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgwpid-brian-sunny-family06-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgwpid-brian-sunny-family07-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgwpid-brian-sunny-family08-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgwpid-brian-sunny-family09-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgSooo easy to get a fun reaction from Katelyn. Here’s moi, in action:wpid-brian-sunny-family10-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgwpid-brian-sunny-family11-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgwpid-brian-sunny-family12-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgwpid-brian-sunny-family13-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgwpid-brian-sunny-family14-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgwpid-brian-sunny-family15-2012-10-16-20-15.jpgwpid-brian-sunny-family16-2012-10-16-20-15.jpg

4 Responses to “The Chen Family”

  1. Rachel Olsen — October 18, 2012 @ 11:42 am (#)

    I love to see the evolution of a family! Wonderful shots. I particularly love the one of the baby looking right at the camera and mom and dad looking at each other. (And BTW she is wearing one of my fav outfits!) Great job, and what wonderful images to have to reflect on and cherish this time with their little one.

  2. Amber Pierce — October 19, 2012 @ 12:02 am (#)

    Kern! These are fantastic family shots! The backstory is icing on the cake. What a beautiful collection of images!

  3. Jessica — October 24, 2012 @ 7:48 pm (#)

    What an adorable little girl!

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