Millennium Hotel Minneapolis Wedding {Erin & Jerod}

The Millennium Hotel downtown Minneapolis offered the perfect backdrop to Erin & Jerod’s wedding photos, homage to the contemporary elegance of a Gatsby-era.

She surprised him with a fishing trip up north, willing to sit on a frozen lake in -50 degree weather just to see him smile. That’s how he knew she was the one!

His genuine, kind heart drew her in almost instantly. After he met her “boisterous, protective, loud, tight knit,” family from New Jersey, “He didn’t cry UNCLE and demand a ticket home,” she said. “Jerod garner all positive reviews and loved meeting them!”

The night she nursed a sinus infection, Jerod convinced Erin to leave the house for dinner, unaware of a surprise in the works. His surprise engagement proposal resounded with a “YES!” as I hid in a barn, equipped with my cameras and the perfect angle.

You see, Erin & Jerod dream bigger together than alone… a wedding theme which guests would experience under the iconic rooftop dome of the Millennium Hotel in Minneapolis.

“Our union is the whispering of the stars sealed by perfect timing and daring to dream,” reflects Erin. “We feel extreme gratitude of all of our friends and family, elated for all of the support, guidance, and encouragement. Its an extreme rarity to have everyone under one roof and both of us are giddy to spend an evening with our favorite people as we begin our journey together.”

Several times during the reception, Jerod would come over to me, shake my hand, offer gratitude and a big smile.

I ask, what was your favorite part of the day?
“Can I say all of it?! We knew the weekend would be filled with love, the laughter, the ridiculous dancing, and even tears. Qe didn’t anticipate the utmost sense of unity and support from our friends and family. We heard exchanges of future plans. Truly heart warming. Our cousins pulled us aside and told us if we run into any issues with our marriage, we better reach out to them, as they want to make sure we stay together.”

What inspired you to host your wedding at Millennium?
“The view! What a unique place to get married and for all of our friends and family to see Minneapolis (many for the first time) in its beauty. Everything was under one roof and the staff was very accommodating, ensuring everything was as we envisioned and more. Customer service is extremely important to us.”

What was your favorite part of the day?
“We didn’t anticipate the sense of unity and support from friends and family. Cousins pulled us aside and told us if we ever run into any issues with our marriage that we better reach out to them, as they want to make sure we stay together.”

Erin, what small story from your wedding day will you still tell when you’re 80?
“Forgetting to walk down the aisle with my bouquet.”

Erin & Jerod, thank you for being such perfect clients and inviting me to your large, intimate party! As F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in book The Great Gatsby, “And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.”

Second photographer Matt Steaffens once again helped to deliver another amazing client experience!

Wedding Ceremony, Reception & Catering: Millennium Hotel Minneapolis
Officiants: Kevin & Kris Tjaden
Entertainment: Anthony at Instant Request
Florals & Decor: Deckci Decor

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  1. Nathan — July 7, 2015 @ 7:11 am (#)

    Great photos, your wedding ring and shoe photos are just superb though. Such feasts for the eyes!

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