Engagement Photos at Lake Harriet {Nadia & Rob}


Even though I’ve lived in Minneapolis for years, this the first time I’ve shot engagement photos at Lake Harriet, above freezing (below freezing can be fun, too).

One question my couples ask me is what to wear during their engagement session. My rules for a “perfect” engagement shoot:

  1. Be comfy.
  2. Be yourself.
  3. Make it sentimental.

So what did they choose to wear? The same outfit as their first date! They also canoed and danced on their first date, a theme you can see from their Minneapolis engagement shoot.

You know, when you know

Rob loves that Nadia is goofy, intellectual, and giving. What won her over? The fact Rob loves her… “even down to my lined and weathered hands,” Nadia says. They both are passionate about their work with Outward Bound, of course loving the outdoors.

Each have written letters to each other from the beginning, a key detail in their engagement.

The Engagement Story

A hand-delivered letter complete with a kiss sealed the deal.

He was supposed to be in Iowa, yet surprised her in Ely, MN (where they live) with a letter in hand.

“The look on Nadia’s face was priceless as I busted through our cabin door, letter and ring in hand,” Rob beams.

His handmade proposal letter was very involved, according to Nadia, complete with a tiny attached envelope housing another card inside and a hidden pocket that held the ring.

Tears of happiness followed.

What they look forward to most on the wedding day

“I’m most excited to see Nadia light up with happiness and her dream wedding unfolding. Sharing this special moment with everyone, especially Nadia, will surely be a lasting, imprinted memory,” he says.

Nadia cannot wait to tear up with Rob during vows and listen to speeches. Envisioning the big day, she says “I smile just thinking of Rob letting loose on the dance floor!”


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