Call Me A Shutterbug {Again}

5 years ago, I admitted I was a camera geek. I still am.

I’m excited to share the Shutterbug in me is still jumping around and can be seen in the March 2016 edition about to hit newsstands!

Ever since going pro, I’ve never lost my amateur heart strings when it comes to photography. That’s why I still enjoy the FUN of shooting in personal work like Burning Man couples, tomte, badass cars, or pursuing fine-art.

I share my perspective on how I stay creative and competitive as a wedding photographer. Flip to page 60, to read:

  • My favorite format to present a wedding photography portfolio
  • My advice on those looking at portrait photography as a business – pitfalls to avoid, too
  • What areas of expertise (other than photography) are most important as a wedding photographer and how to gain those skills
  • How the biggest changes in the wedding industry in 5 years have shaped what we do…. and more.


Thank you to Shutterbug magazine and Maria Piscopo for offering this wonderful exposure! And of course, my wonderful clients who shared their trust in me:

One Response to “Call Me A Shutterbug {Again}”

  1. Cameron — January 29, 2016 @ 1:08 pm (#)

    Contrats, RJ! Maybe you can get a PDF of it and post that? I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to find the mag. Stoked to check it out.

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