Millennium Hotel Wedding in Minneapolis {Carissa & Zach}

This Phantom of the Opera-themed wedding over the Minneapolis skyline at the Millennium Hotel= stunning ingredients for creative wedding photography!

No Phantom Wedding, Here

Despite her Blackhawks team borderline-obsessive fanaticism (along with the bragging rights after a Stanley Cup win), Zach STILL wanted to be with/around her. That’s just how he knew Carissa was The One. “Definition of love, right there,” he charms.

Carissa admits she’s quite the handful. She knew Zach was The One when, “He never tried to change me, but instead loved me deeper every day and embraced every part of who I was.”

We hit it off at during their Minnesota Ice Hockey engagement session and I knew this day would be creatively special.

Millennium Hotel Wedding Day Highlights

Zach’s favorite part of the day? The First Look.

“Once we saw each other, we knew everything was going to be amazing, and were able to relax and enjoy the day. We were laughing, smiling, and worries melted away.”

Carissa loved the speeches at dinner and the gorgeous reception itself. Mani Mela sparkled and shined, as always, with the bling decor!

In her words, “I loved being able to go around to the tables and being able to talk to all of our guests. At one point, Zach and I just leaned over and I had tears in my eyes. It was so amazing to see a room filled with all of our family, friends, loved ones who traveled from all over the country to be with us on our special day. People who love us, support us, and will be there for us through our journey. It was an indescribable feeling- that amount of love.”

What will they be talking about when they are 80?

In the ripe age of 80, if you catch Zach talking about his wedding day, it will go like this, he says: “I was smiling all day. Real, genuine smiles, too; not just fake smiles for the cameras. I was convinced I would hate taking all of those pictures (as I hate taking pictures 99% of the time in the first place), but I actually found it harder to not smile for the shots that called for that since I was so happy and energetic from The First Look onward.”

I asked a similar question to Carissa and adore her response:

Says Carissa, “I think I will always remember how calm I was — everyone kept asking if I was ok, If I was nervous, If anything was wrong. All I can remember was this sense of calm. I remember feeling calm because I was ready. I knew if my mind and my heart this was the right decision. I wasn’t nervous because I had no doubts in my mind that this is what I wanted- and for a commitment-phobe that is saying something. I was excited, of course, for the first look, the pictures, the ceremony, the party — but I was never nervous. I was looking forward to being married. I was looking forward to saying my vows. I was looking forward to beginning our life together as a married couple. I think when I am 80, that is what I will remember- the sense of calm, happiness, and excitement that my heart felt that day. It’s a feeling I think your heart will only feel on your wedding day when you are marrying the right person. It just felt amazing. Even the sense of love I felt from my bridesmaids, my family, my husband’s family, and our friends was magical.”

All I ask of you is to enjoy these photos. And I feel confident you will!

Carissa’s second favorite part of the day was seeing the groomsmen’s faces when I detailed my plans to create a “editorial inspired” bridal party portrait.

Carissa said about the guys, “It was priceless — the mix of utter horror and confusion and amazing. The women were fully prepared- we had waited our entire lives for this modeling moment!” Ha, ha!!! I’m glad I could deliver the goods.

Special thanks to Matt Steaffens for his companionship and help serving as the second photographer.

Wedding Ceremony, Reception & Catering: Millennium Hotel Minneapolis
Coordination, Design, Florals, and Styling: Mani Mela
Officiants: Leslie Ann Johnson
Entertainment: Midwest Sound

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    We’d like to order a few more pictures from Carissa and Zach’s wedding. I’m not sure how to single out the ones we want. Please let me know. I sent a previous email informing you about another order. Thanks you. Pat

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