Aneta and Sean’s Album Design

I couldn’t wait until their album is completed, so I just HAD to leak out a few of my favorite creative spreads from Sean and Aneta’s wedding. I asked them a few sentimental questions to add to the loveliness and am excited to share them with you today!

Aneta’s favorite part of the day: “I love holding Sean’s hand, so the Hand Holding Ceremony component of our wedding was especially meaningful. especially hearing the words spoken during the ceremony, imagining all the future has in store for us.”

Sean’s favorite part of the day: “I will never forget the first time I saw Aneta in her beautiful wedding dress. The way she glowed in that dress with her warm smile and beautiful green eyes was amazing. She did a great job hiding the dress from me, too, as I wasn’t able to go into the guest closet for a month!”


How did she knew he was the one?
She writes, “He was very obviously personable, handsome and successful but I knew he was the one when he pulled up his pant leg to show me the goofy socks he was wearing!”

How did he know she was the one?
He writes, “My feelings were confirmed she after I saw how loving and gentle she felt when meeting family and how it seemed like she had been part of the family for many years.”


If there is one small story you’d like to share about the wedding day that you’ll still tell when you are 80, it would go like this:

Aneta’s perspective: “There were huge waves! Literally! The day of our at sea wedding blessed us with some rough seas which made standing a challenge, let alone walking toward my husband to be in high heels and a wedding dress! While unexpected, it made for some extra fun memories and created that much more on an adventure. I was mindful that day to gracefully accept everything that came our way and that outlook allowed me to be truly present and enjoy each moment.”

Sean’s would share this bit of advice: “Even when the world is rocking and you can’t stand up straight, when you look in the eyes of your person when professing your vows the world stands still.”


2 Responses to “Aneta and Sean’s Album Design”

  1. Marnie Kern — April 20, 2017 @ 10:44 pm (#)

    How beautiful!! I love you captured their thoughts about the day. Shows what a beautiful couple they are inside and Outside. RJ, the pictures are beautiful, thank you for sharing your talents with us all.

  2. Sean Kern — May 3, 2017 @ 11:11 pm (#)

    I really enjoy going back and reading this blog. What a fun and creative idea! Thank you for your time and energy.

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