Personal Project: Chrysler 300 Car Meet in Branson, MO

The pursuit of personal photography work runs huge in my book, especially in long-term projects. I’m nearing completion of a 4-year project to photograph every single Chrysler Letter car and no am supplementing the project by focusing on the relationships behind the restoration of these beautiful brutes. Extending lighting techniques beyond the fashion or portrait photography world is possible with the right tools, time, and inspiration. Interaction with clients inspires me as I attempt to interpret their stories, interests, and personalities in the final image. I attended the Chrysler 300 Fall 2009 Car Meet last week in Branson, Missouri. Here are a few of my favorites:

Chrysler 300 Meet by RJ Kern Photo 300_blog2.jpg 300_blog3.jpg 300_blog4.jpg

My Mother, even more beautiful to my father than Vanna White. Several rounds of “Letter Car Jeopardy” were played, with my mom serving as “Vanna White.”

NAK_6893.jpg 300_blog5.jpg 300_blog6.jpg 300_blog7.jpg

Here’s “Mopsy,” affectionately named after my grandmother:

Chrysler 300 C by RJ Kern Photo 300_blog9.jpg 300_blog11.jpg 300_blog10.jpg 300_blog13.jpg 300_blog12.jpg 300_blog15.jpg Chrysler FirePower by RJ Kern Photo 300_blog17.jpg

Boys used to dream of these toys. Now men own them. There’s something to be said about owning your dreams. Here’s my father and his car and model car.

1957 Chrysler 300 C Regal Red by Rob Kern and Photo taken by R. J. Kern, Kern-Photo and Denver Wedding Photographer 300_blog21.jpg

Here’s my father and me:


and Josh Mishler and his grandfather:

Josh Mishler and His Grandfather in the Chrysler 300C

The Bourkes:


My father, checking the trailer;


My proud papa:300_blog22.jpg

If you would like to see more images and order prints, click here to view the online gallery to order prints.

2 Responses to “Personal Project: Chrysler 300 Car Meet in Branson, MO”

  1. william leahy — October 2, 2009 @ 7:03 pm (#)

    your car photos inspire me to be more creative in my photography everytime i see a group of them. keep allowing us to see your stuff. william leahy / kennewick, wa.

    here is some of my shots:

  2. Marnie Kern — October 3, 2009 @ 8:46 pm (#)

    Thanks so much for sharing your talent with the club RJ! You made great pictures for us to keep as wonderful memories….love you! Mom

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