there is only love

There is only love.

I found this helpful phrase in The Happiness Project and repeat to myself when the going get tough.

Stressed out because my boss didn’t do something promised? There is only love.

Someone cuts me off on the freeway? There is only love.

Irritated because AT&T drops my call? There is only love.

Of all the things we can’t control in life, we 100% control our attitude. Saying this mantra helps melt annoyances of life and keep in perspective of what matters most. Try it. Seriously.

It all boils down to:

There is only love.

One of my most powerful experiences this week came from reading the 75+ comments from my post on couples in love at Burning Man. At first I couldn’t believe where all the people where finding me. Turns out Jack Rabbit Speaks sent over 18,000 unique visitors this week according to Google Analytics. What an awesome, unexpected surprise!

FYI: Not all experiences at Burning Man are as cliche as portrayed in the movie “No Strings Attached.” I’m always happy to share stories of my virgin experience at Burning Man along images from a wedding at Burning Man.

While I am not completely boycotting Valentine’s Day this year… all you single ladies, Happy Singles Awareness Day!

2 Responses to “there is only love”

  1. Chung Nguyen — February 16, 2011 @ 12:01 am (#)

    Love comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. In my case, it’s four-legged and has an insatiable appetite for… well, just about anything meaty and/or cheesy. P.S.

  2. R. J. — February 16, 2011 @ 12:12 am (#)

    Chung, that song gave me goosebumps. Thank you for sharing! I listened to it three times and it’s amazing how closely the lyrics following what I’ve been thinking and feeling and doing for the last 2 months… especially the part about about NY / LA / Colorado. It’s my new favorite song!

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