Lori & Greg

Like most of my clients, they arrive for their engagement session somewhat nervous, feeling kinda awkward about what’s to come. I admit: I don’t like getting photographed either. I like being on the other side of the camera. However, when I look at my heart of hearts and think about what an engagement session is really about: it’s about getting to know your photographer, being comfortable in front of their lens, learning what it is like to get ‘photographed,’ having fun, and getting a free ‘therapy session’ in return.wpid-lori_greg__denver_engagement_pictures_01-2011-06-10-01-322.jpg

Very quickly I knew within seconds of shooting I had to prove that she was beautiful. Many woman don’t see it. I’d say 85% of women have a hard time looking at pictures of themselves because they don’t feel beautiful. It’s my challenge gift to prove otherwise:) Not only think she’s beautiful, but make her feel beautiful. That’s what a good wedding photographer is all about, in my opinion.

However, I like to think it is my gift to show them that Cosmo doesn’t know what beauty is. Here’s the mirror I shared first with Greg, then with Lori:
I’ll be honest, I shot stuff like this on every shoot… just to cover my grounds. Worse case scenario, I want my clients to look and feel beautiful. This technical allows me to push the frontiers of what can happen. If I take then 0 – 160 mph on their engagement sessino, i’ll be able to cruise at 95 mph on the wedding day (thats my secret for all you photogs out there).

All you single guys out there… THIS is how you kiss a woman (shot with Nikon 500mm f/4):wpid-lori_greg__denver_engagement_pictures_04-2011-06-10-01-322.jpg
wpid-lori_greg__denver_engagement_pictures_02-2011-06-10-01-322.jpgwpid-RJ2_3708-2011-06-10-01-321.jpg wpid-RJ2_3699-2011-06-10-01-321.jpg
Since Greg is a bonafide fireman, it was okay to play with fire in my own backyard… glad I grew out those weeds just for them.wpid-lori_greg__denver_engagement_pictures_03-2011-06-10-01-322.jpg Never thought I’d be shooting this in my backyard, but glad I was able to diamond cut my lawn early morn. Inspiration: they are watching a movie featuring real-life us (two video lights used to light this entire scene with a 14’ ring flash lightpainting sans shadows):wpid-lori_greg__denver_engagement_pictures_06-2011-06-10-01-322.jpg Turn on the red light… sexual tension in a big way going on here:wpid-lori_greg__denver_engagement_pictures_07-2011-06-10-01-322.jpgwpid-RJ2_3748-Edit-2-2011-06-10-01-321.jpgwpid-RJ2_3737-Edit-2011-06-10-01-321.jpgwpid-lori_greg__denver_engagement_pictures_08-2011-06-10-01-322.jpgwpid-lori_greg__denver_engagement_pictures_09-2011-06-10-01-322.jpg Proof you CAN lightpaint an engagement portrait with an $8700 Nikon 500mm f/4 lens:wpid-lori_greg__denver_engagement_pictures_10-2011-06-10-01-322.jpg

2 Responses to “Lori & Greg”

  1. Chung Nguyen — June 10, 2011 @ 3:09 am (#)

    Love the lighting and the colors on the lawn. And I agree – I bet even Cindy Crawford looks at her photos and thinks, “I look old/fat/ugly.” Women are crazy (myself included). So are men. 😀

  2. Brooke — June 10, 2011 @ 7:12 am (#)

    We try to know we’re beautiful but there’s that little nagging voice that says we’re not good enough. Sometimes that voice needs to be smacked in order to get her to shut up. 😉 I love the red light!

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