Amy & Sean – Wedding in Greece

Joy, tenderness, energy, love, intelligence, inspiration, whimsy, elegance, spontaneity infused every event at Amy & Sean’s wedding in Santorini, Greece. These words were articulated by a special wedding guest and I couldn’t agree more.

My experience working with Amy & Sean shaped my approach to wedding photography in so many wonderful ways. Not only were they perfect clients to work with, but they treated their guests to a world-class experience complete with wonderful food and wine.
Santorini: heaven of earth and a photographer’s paradise. Pair that with a sweet, smart couple with a panache for treating friends and family with only the finest and then I pinch myself. ‘Is this real or a dream?’ Santorini showcases quintessential Greece: rustic beauty, rolling fields, cliffs, architectural marvels, and majestic seas. The light in Santorini is simply amazing to photograph, thanks to the fog and sea haze and stark contrasts of the white plaster and blue skies. I felt like I arrived in photographer heaven. No wonder Travel and Leisure magazine featured Santorini as top island destination for 2011. Pinch me.

I remember first speaking with Amy about her wedding planning experience on the golf course in Hawaii. Pinch me again. I was giddy beyond belief she chose me after their stellar engagement session in New York. Their engagement album sooooo rocked.

Pressure makes diamonds, I reminded myself. Armed with my gear of choice, a Nikon 85mm f/ 1.4 and 24mm f/ 1.4 each mounted to a Nikon D700, I composed my world with clarity and focused on my best creative work possible while offering a world-class wedding photography experience. Thank goodness I had time create a few preliminary light paintings in Greece to get my creative skills polished. I flew in a few days early to take advantage of jetlag and explore visual gold mines of Santorini at dawn. AH-mazing.

The preparation and planning took months, facilitated by the fabulous Helena Han at YaSena Couture Weddings & Events. Working with Helena has even influenced my thoughts on planning my own wedding. I even proposed a few times in Greece (proof). I was honored share in the collaborative efforts by such a creative team!

Ceremony: Astra Suites
First Look location: Aghios Artemios
Reception: Theros Wave Bar
Catering: Selene
Officiant: George Karayiannis
Videography: Apostolos Gkoris, Urban Cinematography
Make-up Designer: Dimitra Giatrakou
Beauty Artist: Renia Bledaki
Hair Stylist: Georgia Theodoraki
DJ: Kimon Karageorgis
Flowers & Decor: Onirotopos of Athens – YaSena Couture Weddings & Events – k art handicrafts
Favors: Katerina Chronopoulou, k art handicrafts
I felt the power of Astra Suites which shines as happy place.wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_04-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_05-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_06-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_07-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_08-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_09-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_10-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_11-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_12-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_13-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_14-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_15-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_16-2011-08-25-02-00.jpg Many of the guests joined me the day after the wedding to share ideas about the importance of defocusing in life and put to practice their new skills while on a photo safari. I encourage my ‘students’ to email me at rj at their images for critique (gold stars given).wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_17-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgEncouraged high-dynamic range (HDR) wedding photography created at their wedding. wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_18-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_19-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_20-2011-08-25-02-00.jpg A second before a beautiful first kiss:wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_21-2011-08-25-02-00.jpg Such cute kids could easily fit as models featured in Martha Stewart Weddings.wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_22-2011-08-25-02-00.jpg Greece serves as a happy place for Amy & Sean. And has become a favorite place of mine, as well. I created two separate postcard series in Santorini here and here and met an artist who shaped my art of the image below. See the full post of their First Look.wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_23-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_24-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_25-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_26-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_27-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_28-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_29-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_30-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_31-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_32-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_33-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_34-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_35-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_36-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_37-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_38-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_39-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_40-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_41-2011-08-25-02-00.jpg Amazing details.wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_42-2011-08-25-02-00.jpg Amy & Sean choose much of their wedding decor to be the handiwork of many local Greek artists. wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_43-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgThe simple joys in life, such as swinging with new friends, serves as a simple, but profound, way to enjoy celebration. wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_44-2011-08-25-02-00.jpg Driftwood, burlap, a colorful array of lightning, and local flowers can transform a place when you work with great people with creative vision like Helena Han.wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_45-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_46-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_47-2011-08-25-02-00.jpg Sean’s most anticipated event during the reception was sharing his memories through a slideshow with wedding guests.wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_48-2011-08-25-02-00.jpg
With months of planning, Amy steps into the party of her dreams. That feeling of anticipation and excitement looks like this creative visual:wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_49-2011-08-25-02-00.jpg Once the guests arrived at the waterfront Theros Wave Bar, they were greated with a challenge of sending off sky laterns, a Chinese tradition. The gusts of wind made for lighting the laterns a bit difficult, however this simple activity brought soooo many guests together working for a common goal…  … of seeing such a simple sign of hope, light, and celebration the moment the lanterns catch the wind and float away.wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_51-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_52-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_53-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_54-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_55-2011-08-25-02-00.jpg Let’s not forget we had a killer anti-photo booth.wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_56-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_57-2011-08-25-02-00.jpg Fireworks began at the stroke of midnight on July 4…. what a festive way to celebrate!wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_58-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_59-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_60-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_61-2011-08-25-02-00.jpgwpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_62-2011-08-25-02-00.jpg An alternative, smile version 🙂wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_63-2011-08-25-02-00.jpg Special thanks to this platinum-listed creative team flown from all over the world to make this effort possible: wpid-amy_sean_santorini_wedding_photography_64-2011-08-25-02-00.jpg
Congrats to Amy & Sean for being such wonderful people to photograph! And thank you for making me feel like a family friend at your georgeous wedding!

12 Responses to “Amy & Sean – Wedding in Greece”

  1. James Christianson — August 28, 2011 @ 7:56 pm (#)

    killer images across the board. i especially love the HDR image of the ceremony. First time I’ve seen an HDR image that I really love.

  2. Chris Enzaldo — August 28, 2011 @ 8:26 pm (#)

    100% absolute killer bravo wedding, RJ!

  3. Amy — August 28, 2011 @ 8:38 pm (#)

    What an amazing gift you have, RJ! You documented the dreamy wedding weekend so poetically.

  4. Brandon Casey — August 28, 2011 @ 8:42 pm (#)

    So many amazing pictures! I don’t think I can pick a favorite…maybe the one with the groom (?) sitting on the balcony with the white shirt on.

  5. Kimon Karageorgis — August 28, 2011 @ 10:57 pm (#)

    Absolutely fabulous photos!! You are a master of photography!! Well done!! Congratulations from Greece!!

  6. Helena Han — August 29, 2011 @ 7:34 am (#)

    I’ll pinch you if you pinch me back 🙂
    You truly captured the essence of Amy & Sean’s fabulous wedding story.
    You are one very talented person!
    Thank you for truly giving it your all.
    Can’t wait to work with you again “soon”.

    All the best to you & Krista.

  7. Willie Dalton — August 29, 2011 @ 6:13 pm (#)

    These are phenominal images, RJ! All are crisp, clean, and captured with true love and vision, job well done!

  8. Amber Pierce — August 31, 2011 @ 12:34 am (#)

    Truly some of your finest work!

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  10. Jerzy Modrak — September 2, 2011 @ 7:22 am (#)

    Great photos! Santorini must be one of the best places for wedding photography.

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  12. David — April 11, 2012 @ 4:27 am (#)

    Absolutely amazingly stunning work. This must be one of the best sets of wedding photos I have seen in a good while. I love the wide shot of the ceremony looking down over the ocean and mountains. Then the couple shots are truly outstanding too. Wow!

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