Hannah & Chris {West Point, NY}

wpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-01-2012-11-29-17-30.jpg“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” ― Vincent van Gogh

I am excited this sweet couple invited me to photograph their special day. Hannah & Chris are getting married next summer in Wilmington, DE and flew me out to West Point Military Academy for their engagement session. I was lucky enough to photograph Chris’s brother’s engagement and bridal session a few years back which is how we connected. On a recent trip to Seattle, I met up with Chris who did most of the ground-work research in hiring a wedding photographer (props to him !!!). In less than a month, we went from an initial meeting on the West Coast, finalizing details zippy quick, to an engagement session on East Coast. Pinch me. This sweet couple is totally on it.

We lucked out with perfect late Fall weather as Chris and Hannah toured me around West Point, a place filled with tradition, pride, and architecture which would serve as our theme. I paid special attention to Rembrandt lighting, offering a painterly approach to compliment the natural surroundings. A special thanks to Sean “Blue Steel” Kern for joining me as an awesome assistant.wpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-02-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-03-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-04-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-05-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-06-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-07-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-08-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-09-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-10-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-11-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-12-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-13-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-14-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-15-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-16-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-17-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-18-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-19-2012-11-29-17-30.jpgwpid-hannah-chris-west-point-engagement-photos-20-2012-11-29-17-30.jpg

And for a special treat, CLICK HERE to view their engagement slideshow.

4 Responses to “Hannah & Chris {West Point, NY}”

  1. Nathan — November 29, 2012 @ 8:05 pm (#)

    Good album, hope Hannah and Chris liked it. My two favourites are the gatehouse picture, the setting and the light leads the eye is great. Plus the last one in the hall, such a great range of settings.

  2. Sean Kern — December 3, 2012 @ 1:48 am (#)

    Great memories, glad I could help. You did a great job not only capturing Chris and Hannah’s engagement but also the essence of the U.S. Military Academy.

  3. Kāzu foto — December 7, 2012 @ 5:12 pm (#)

    Great couple Hannah and Chris and nice pro photography. I follow your photography blog.

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