Soko’s ‘First Kiss’ {Burning Man Redux}


Remember your first kiss? Hard to forget, no?

A cocktail of emotions starting with blushing and butterflies. A tad of fire & passion during. Softness of lips. Giddyness after. A whirlwind of bliss.

Wowza. Fire, preserved in our hearts… something that should never to turn to stone. However, when “life” happens, it might be easy to forget these utterly beautiful, intimate, personal moments. A contrived moment, perhaps, yet symbolic at the core. And deeply meaningful in retrospect.

I’m not one to preach about living in the past. However, for a moment, if we forget future planning, dodge the present, and look back with fondness on our first kiss then we can being to understand the power of this viral video:

Dear Clients, Friends, and Family:

As you know I’m really one part photographer, three parts therapist. If you are touched by this video by Soko, do yourself a favor and share it with your someone special. Tonight. And talk about it.

Happy Every Day Valentines Day! While savoring the love, here are few favorites images from my Couples in Love at Burning Man series:
I love being a Burning Man wedding photographer! The experience rewards in every way it challenges and after going twice, I can’t wait to return this year {Public announcement, NOW official}.

Also now official, Couture Colorado featured on their blog Becca & Eric’s colorful, whimsical wedding in Colorado (they both love Burning Man, too). I love it when personal work makes for happy clients!


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