Minneapolis National Night Out

We chase the exotic, yet easily forget what lives next door. Why?

Perhaps, it is often more difficult to meet the exotic than near. Yet, it is within a community we choose to live. Heck, Burning Man portraits are easier to create than this. It takes a bit of logistics and coordination, but isn’t impossible.

Minneapolis National Night Out is an annual nationwide event that encourages residents to get out in the community, holding block parties to promote neighborhood spirit and get to know neighbors. Benefits could even include crime prevention, too!

There is no such thing as being “too close to home.” Unless you live on Mars.

Minneapolis National Night Out 2015

Will Minneapolis take the top spot for hosting the most National Night Out (NNO) events across the nation for the fourth straight year? I’d like to be apart of these statistics to showcase MN pride!

Even posed moments have real moments within.

I love our neighborhood and I’m excited to continue my series of Block Party photos! None of us really like our photos taken. However, we realize this project reflects a larger theme which makes our dynamic Zenith Ave community special. Creative themes resonating through this years’ block party portraits included:

“We Are Who We Are”
“Hi, My Name Is”
“Ornery Kids”
“We’re training for our wedding on Sept 6”
(yes, two of our newest neighbors will wed on the same date we just found out tonight!!!)

Introducing, a few neighbors on my block (looking forward to another stellar Halloween):

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