Super 8 Wedding Videographer

Looking for a wedding videographer with unique storytelling, a creative eye, personable approach… with a unique signature style? Look no further than the work of Kevin Von Qualen.

Kev just released the final cut. Have a look!

Kevin created Super 8mm film art starting seven years ago. He rocks his beautiful, niche art. He’s created a authentic film gem at our wedding and he’s amazing to work, too (I interview him on my blog here).

Leah & John were looking for a videographer for their Tappan Hill Mansion Wedding and I recommended them to Kevin. They hired him (friends like doing business with friends). The experience was mutually beneficial, full of laughs, and intellectual-artful-geeking-outness (just made that phrase up). Kevin’s work is a wonderful compliment to Leah & John’s peony-inspired wedding album!


Add in my favorite second shooter, Matt Steaffens (pictured below, left) for perfect team approach! We are constantly reading non-verbals throughout the wedding day.

Pretty sure this means: “Now what?”

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