A Backyard Wedding Album

A backyard wedding in Minnesota, yes please! Poise, polish, perfection were key themes in Cara & Arthur’s wedding, now showcased in their photography wedding album! They wed less than 3 months ago and their album has shipped along their set of digital images… YIPEEE!!! They opted for two parent albums to match their 8” x 12” album which features 86 pages on stunning matte paper. Brag worthy, indeed! Cara radiates glow and glamour, and you can feel it with the warm colors as showcased. Her parent’s back yard looks almost as fabulous as the detail collages and family portraits. I especially like how the consistency of colors from attire, florals, and decor, and scenery tie it together like a tidy bow.wpid-albert_lea_wedding_photographer_album_001-2015-09-8-20-51.jpgwpid-albert_lea_wedding_photographer_album_002-2015-09-8-20-51.jpgwpid-albert_lea_wedding_photographer_album_003-2015-09-8-20-51.jpgwpid-albert_lea_wedding_photographer_album_004-2015-09-8-20-51.jpgwpid-albert_lea_wedding_photographer_album_005-2015-09-8-20-51.jpgwpid-albert_lea_wedding_photographer_album_006-2015-09-8-20-51.jpgwpid-albert_lea_wedding_photographer_album_007-2015-09-8-20-51.jpgwpid-albert_lea_wedding_photographer_album_008-2015-09-8-20-51.jpgwpid-albert_lea_wedding_photographer_album_009-2015-09-8-20-51.jpgwpid-albert_lea_wedding_photographer_album_010-2015-09-8-20-51.jpgwpid-albert_lea_wedding_photographer_album_011-2015-09-8-20-51.jpg

Parent albums feature patent binding and epic printing to make any coffee table blush! See how they all stack up, both inside and out:

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