Mana & Mani’s Album {shipped!}

I’m a Minneapolis wedding photographer, yet roots of my wedding photography started in Denver nine years ago. You’ll see that Colorado love in my wedding albums. Reminds me of snowboarding in powder moguls, especially in Winter Park and Beaver Creek, too!

Mana & Mani’s wedding was exceptional in every way including: the scenery, the attention to detail, and honoring Persian tradition! I knew their wedding photos would turn out awesome, but I didn’t know they’d look this stunning in the final album! Much like their engagement session, this is the finishing touch I know they’ll remember with fond memories!

Get this: their wedding was less than 7 weeks ago and their album IS DONE!!!! How’s that for quick turnaround??? Most brides are just getting around to seeing their images. Yet with a solid workflow, I’m confident quick-turnaround makes brag-worthy albums.

Their 9.5” x 13” albums opens in landscape fashion… to really showcase the Colorado landscape, of course! It features 46 spreads (92 pages) on stunning photographic paper with thick pages. They also decided to protect their investment with a custom slipcase (I upgraded them to real leather binding and case as my surprise!). Additionally, they opted for two parent albums to match their 8” x 12” album.

This is my favorite part: sharing the completed product. This heirloom is solid, stunning!

This spreads remains one of my favorites from the wedding (and the groom adored the left image in which a red filter was added to the main lift (behind them) for special effect!! I dig the symmetry and red color! How’s THAT for visualizing passion?!?!

Got ahead of myself… here is the opening spread:

Gushing color and gorgeous details! I’d think if James Bond got married, perhaps his details would look like this (now tell me this doesn’t look like an Aston Martin (diamond) parked in a hidden garage with dramatic lighting???? You can tell I’m excited about Spectre, the next installment of the James Bond movies (read more on my inspiration from the cinema here).

Okay, okay. I got a little ahead of myself. Here is the front cover of this horizontal-designed album (left) with patened binding (right):

Probably one of my favorite detail spreads this year! This showcases Mana’s bridal makeup, rings, earnings, and dress. Beautiful light doesn’t beg for attention, nor should beautiful details. They just look simply stunning. I like the leading line of the three images one the left pointing to the bride’s reflection… then your eye moves to the right to see the bride. Our eyes read from left to right (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), and I design pages to respect this design concept, too.

I adore the simplicity of the white space: clean & fresh, symbolic of wedding day white!

I adore this spread! Each spread (2 pages) is custom-designed with a story in mind, being mindful of a main and supporting image. This story reads from left to right, with the main image (featured right) being slightly larger and more prominent than the opposing supportive image. Smart design works!
See the image to the left in the album above? Reminds me of the flower girls from Amy and Sean’s wedding in Greece:

One of the biggest advantages of having a second photographer is the ability to catch the behind-the-scenes moments. While the bride and groom were enjoying a kiss after their first dance (left), the Jr bridesmaids daydreamed perhaps about what their love future looks like (right). What love!

This cool Colorado wedding album also has matching parent albums, same design and photos, just a bit smaller in size than the primary album. They’re gonna love them!

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  1. Timothy — November 17, 2015 @ 6:35 am (#)

    Amazing album and art Kerm. Always learning from you. Thumbs up!!!

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