Kris & David {Mill City Museum Wedding}


When I first met Chloe the Wonder Dog, I hardly noticed her pine sap and grass stains. While she loves to play in the woods of Minnesota, Kris and David wished otherwise, especially before our first meeting at their home. We were friends at first sight. That first impression of enthusiasm, love, and a keen sense of seriousness balanced with a zest of humor, I knew we’d get along the moment we connected.

Turns out we certainly did.

Kris and David’s wedding at the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis was a special occasion, the kind that required even Chloe to dress up (and not just for Halloween). Our Willy would be jealous of her outfit!

Kris’s Mom, Nancy, was beaming with joy the entire day along with her sisters, Julie and Maggie. I enjoyed seeing how the four girls turned forever young again during bridal preparations, giddy like teenage best friends.

Their First Look was sentimental, endearing as reflected in joyful tears along the streets of downtown Minneapolis. David’s soft-spoken demeanor was as warm as his smile. He made that tux look sharp, too!

You know what they say, you know when you know. That’s exactly what I saw behind the camera—a witness of friendship, kindness, and love. And Chloe can wag her tail knowing she’s a perfect wedding dog!


I saw Henri Cartier-Bresson’s famous print, “Queen Charlotte’s Ball London, 1959,” which sold for $18,632 recently. As I was editing Kris and David’s images, I knew there was a timeless, romantic quality to the reception that struck a chord of familiarity to me. Then it hit me! Compare these next two images:

After I saw this resemblance, I emailed David. His response, “Thank you for linking my queen with Queen Charlotte’s Ball.” How sweet!

It is easy to forget the moments we live in admist the hectic nature of life. I also like taking a step back, and take a break from it all. We took an elevator to the top of the Mill City Museum for a surprise sunset overlook at the Mississippi River:

Kris and David, thank you again for being such wonderful clients! Looking forward seeing Chloe’s energy again very soon!

Wedding Ceremony at Reception: Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Officiant: Becky Myrick
Entertainment: The R Factor
Florals: Danielle Erickson
Catering: D’Amico

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