Angela & Christian {Minneapolis Commons Hotel Wedding Reception}


Angela and Christian’s spring wedding at St Kate’s in Saint Paul was picture perfect and welcoming all over! The bride started her day with her girls at The Commons Hotel in Minneapolis. After the ceremony, we met up with their one-year old puppy in a favorite grassy spot near Nicollet Island, an island in the Mississippi River. From there, the bridal party joined guests back at the The Commons Hotel in Minneapolis where we kicked things off with some signature lighting portraits and danced the night away.

I asked Angela’s favorite part of her wedding day and she wrote, “The whole day went so perfectly and smooth that there wasn’t one moment where I wasn’t smiling ear to ear.” From an emotional perspective, among the hightlights included “walking down the aisle and Christian and I saw each other for the first time. It was such and amazing feeling of excitement and then you see all the people there to support you in this marriage and it was such an amazing feeling.”

Another highlight from Angela’s perspective: “Towards the end of the reception, the band played ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. My sister and one of my brothers are notorious for singing that song, so they were up on stage singing it. Then one by one all the siblings starting coming on stage. First I joined, then my other brother, then another brother, then my Mom made her way on stage. Then Christian made his way on the stage and that is when he officially became a part of the family.” How fun!

I’m proud of this set of images… very crisp, fresh, fun and endearing…. much like Angela and Christian’s personalities and a perfect reflection of their wedding day.


Christian’s favorite part of the day? He shared with me:

“I don’t think I will ever forget Ang walking down the aisle. It sounds cliché, but because the doors were open in the back and there was all this light streaming in behind her, I could only make out her silhouette at first and I could finally see her about halfway down the aisle. That was very surreal.”


Stop. Hammer time.

One of the coolest things about shooting with a 60-megapixel camera (PhaseOne 645 XF with IQ 260 medium format digital back) is the ability to print large, gallery-quality prints with great detail. Stella and I have been secretly training for this moment for the last few weeks. She nailed it! I’m sure she’s going to want this displayed in her den, just above her bed at home (wink, wink).

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Special thanks to my friend, Matt Steaffens, for his friendship and second shooting at this wedding in St Paul.

Wedding Ceremony : Our Lady of Victory Chapel at St Kate’s, College of Saint Catherine, St Paul
Wedding Reception : The Commons Hotel, Minneapolis
Coordination : Nicole Hillman
Florals : Bethany Lewis

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